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Joe the Crab's Wish For You
4:50pm 12/24/2014

Is that you find peace and love at this time, and that it grows into all times throughout the year and your life. During these sad and at times violent days, try to find the good that the world has, and in yourself. God bless us all. Have faith and He will make you strong.

Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year!

Joe the Crab

4:54pm 12/22/2014

...From Joe the Crab. Be nice, be safe, be a giver!

Peace, Please...
2:32pm 11/25/2014

Great song and message here...Paul McCartney's "Peace in the Neighborhood":

Self-Esteem - What's the Deal?
12:16pm 9/17/2014
Millions struggle with self-image and how to handle their "day-to-day". So how about we fill in some of the holes on this hot topic, self-esteem?
Self-Esteem Facts!

For Adults Too---Bullying in the Workplace
12:08pm 9/12/2014
Just because you grow into an adult doesn't mean bullying goes away. It happens in the workplace too and has some prominence, especially with bosses.
Bullying in the Workplace, What To Do

Learn More About 'Real' Blue Crabs
10:19pm 9/11/2014
"Sooo, what are 'real' blue crabs?" asks Joe the Crab.
Well Joe...never mind. You're real to us. Anyhoo, thanks to National Geographic for this:
Learn About Blue Crabs!
One note though---blue crabs are "over-harvested" and this has had a noticeable negative effect on various water and animal environments.

Parents Beware of New App "Yik Yak"
1:17am 9/10/2014
There is an app out that's taking hold of some high school students in particular to promote cyber bullying, and it's potentially a significant threat. Please see the story below on how it's hampering anti-bullying efforts in the Northeast:
Yik Yak App Promoting Cyber Bullying

Marvel Heroes Fighting Bullying!
1:56pm 9/8/2014
Joe the Crab loves Marvel!
Marvel Superheroes Fight Bullying

Go USA Soccer!
3:57pm 6/26/2014

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