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Great Adventures With Joe the Crab!

Joe the Crab Takes a Walk






From his home on the Island of Shells, Joe the Crab takes kids on the journeys of his everyday life. Written simply and directly to children, these picture books are dazzlingly illustrated, capturing the trials and triumphs of a happy little blue crab named “Joe”. Kids everywhere will come to love Joe and his island world. 

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Praise for the "Joe the Crab Series":
"Joe the Crab Takes a Walk"

"If you have preschool to 3rd graders, this book is a must have! As a school social worker this has made a great addition to my collection. Joe teaches kids about diversity and that it’s okay to be "different". The illustrations are also wonderful! I recommend this book for parents and teachers!"
Jennifer Wallis, author of the "Scarlet the Dolphin" books

"Joe the Crab Hunts for Shells"

“This wonderful book can be used as a springboard for discussions about bullying with young readers.”

Cathy Gardner, 3rd Grade Teacher, Kehrs Mill Elementary

"Joe the Crab Goes for a Swim"

“This fun and lighthearted story teaches children how to be a good friend and to include others; a great addition to the “Joe the Crab Series”!”

Laura Cleer, Special Education Teacher, Special School District

Meet the Author 

Tim Hill is the creator & author of the “Joe the Crab Series” for kids ages 2-8. Tim is also a speaker at many schools and organizations, talking to students and teachers alike about the same issues Joe faces: bullying, being left out, and feeling different from others. He also gets kids excited about the writing process and being creative, and tells them what it’s like to be an author!

Meet the Illustrator

Jennifer Stolzer is Joe the Crab's illustrator. In addition to the little blue crab, she's drawn everything in Joe's world including the mean ol' seagull, Rudy the Snake, Joe's new friends and his island & underwater worlds.

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